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It is a necessity for every living being to multiply and continue its generation. The human being, who is the most perfect of creatures, realizes this necessity through marriage. Marriage is one of the most important steps taken in the life of family life and one of the turning points of life. Family is the core of social life. The formation of this nucleus, with the phenomenon of marriage has occurred. Marriage is one of the processes that begin with the birth known as “transition periods” in human life and continue until death. The forms of marriage that constitute the family roof differ according to values of society, social and economic structure, cultural values, national identities. In Hatay, where socio-cultural changes are seen frequently, different forms of marriage are observed in the districts and villages where tradition is prevalent in addition to marriage. The difference is that many ethnic groups try to blend in and live their own ethnic identity and culture. One of these ethnic cultures is the Circassians who lived in Reyhanli district of Hatay. Circassians are also based on the marriage phenomenon, pre-marital preparations, the tradition of their own culture after the wedding and after the wedding. In the Circassians of Reyhanlı, the marriage tradition, which has a wider range of cultural identities than the others, is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to continuity. Marriage institution in Circassians, family manners, “kinship” and non-relatives marriage is extremely important. In this article, after giving information about “Şapsığ, Abzah, Ubih, Kabartay” from the Circassian branches in Reyhanli district of Hatay, Circassians, one of the ethnic groups in Reyhanli, will be examined and analyzed in the context of a scientific method and theory of data obtained from the source using field study and interview method. Thus, the identity codes of the Reyhanli Circassians in the cultural context of the marriage process will be determined and the degree of continuity or loss of these practices will be determined.

Circassian, Hatay/Reyhanlı, Marriage, Kasenlik, Thamade, Zexes.

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