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It is not realistic that religion is not connected to politics. Religions are a sociological part of countries and are influential in political legitimacy. In history, religion and politics have always been intertwined. One of the most debated issues throughout history is the relationship between religion, state and politics. In developing societies, religion affects politics and leads to the formation of power. on the other hand, politicians use religion to spread their power to the whole of social life. They claim that they have taken the legitimacy of their government from religion. Today, global and imperialist powers use religion to control various countries and societies. they leave the government in a difficult situation by removing religious and sectarian wars against legitimate governments. How is the Islamic state system, how religion expresses it, what is the source of laws and laws, what should be the legitimacy of administrations, whether there is a state project of religion, and if this system is applicable today, the answers of such questions have always been the subject of discussion. In addition to personal life, man also has a social life. Human beings cannot live alone because they are created as a social entity. Human beings are equipped with many adjectives like good and evil, beautiful and ugly. In addition, human beings have unlimited wishes and desires. The desire to have the best, ambition to authority, unlimited freedom, love for the world, and justice in the face of them, to advance, to become civilized, to be in favor of human beings, and to exist in every human being and at the same time have conflicting demands and desires. The survival, progression and protection of the rights of the society, the oppression of the society and the dominance of justice; is an undeniable fact.

Religion and Politics, State, Social Life, Political Legitimacy

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