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Cems, which are accepted as the main of Alevism, are the commissure of religious and social life. The individual sees the response of his/her actions in social life in this religious (divine) gathering. In addition to being the spiritual courts of Alevi society, Cems also act as a purification council. That assembly also refers to one's own ‘Miraj’ in the sense of accessing the divine secret. The Pretender is considered as dead in mystic way because he has rightful share or has worries about the world. The pretender, who came to Cem, stays as Dar in front of Hak-Muhammad-Ali Divan and before the Mürşit (Guide) and is tried before those found in that gathering. As a result of this spiritual judgment, he renounces his rightful share or his worldly desires. Thus, the pretender, who came as dead to the cem, returns to his daily life alive and re-purified. ‘The one who came dead to the cem returns alive’ phrase in tradition is used to express this state. Whirls are the worships of divine love that expresses a part of the cems which are considered to be the basic worship of Alevism. These blessings of the whirls in Alevism can never be ignored and they are not positively viewed with the turns of the whirls other than the cem gatherings. The theological origins of the legends relating to the assembly of forty-one, the first prophet. The Prophet Mohamed. Of the forty Ali and the members of the council returned by it is believed. This Holiness has been kept alive by moving from the historical period to the present day and the one that wants to return to action as the divine love of a literary life. The one turn with different instruments according to regions, regions that are specific and unique to this region again carry the names of internal rotations or movements are also Therefore, in this joint study, we adopted the principle of explaining the mystical meanings of the whirls of the Alevi faith and have carried the effort to convey to you the researchers that the divine meaning of some examples of the whirls. To contribute to the understanding of the values of the one divine, we need to express it as an issue.

Alevism, cem, worship, whirl, divine love

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