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This study aims to investigate 178 graduate theses, which were conducted to detect values in various texts, from different perspectives. The sample of the study, which was carried out with document analysis in survey model, consists of 178 graduate theses, being 160 master’s and 18 doctoral theses between the years 2009-2018. These theses were examined by the years they were prepared, education level, universities, materials used as samples, literary genres of the texts examined, the value classifications used in the research and the most preferred author-work distributions. The data of the research were analyzed by content analysis and the categories were presented in tables and graphs by using frequency and percentage values. According to the obtained findings, it was found that the text-based values education studies were prepared mostly in 2015, 2017 and 2018, and majority of the studies is in the master's degree program, Ataturk University is the institution where the highest number of the theses were published on this topic. It was also found that the materials used in the research mostly consist of literary works and textbooks; studies mostly dwell on multiple works of a single author; story and novel genres were examined more than the other literary genre. While Safahat and Dede Korkut Stories were the most studied works in the theses while Aytül Akal, Muzaffer İzgü, Yalvaç Ural and Yavuz Bahadıroğlu stand forefront as the most researched figures regarding the values in their works.

Value, values education, text, graduate theses.

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