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Tourists' expectations are constantly changing. As a result of this change, the travel reasons of the people have also been differentiated. In this way, various types of tourism have emerged. Travels have begun to take place, especially to feel the feelings of sadness, fear and doldrums. This type of tourism is called dark tourism. Dark tourism consists of different themes. Areas of war, natural disasters, collecting houses, horror-based houses, prisons, executions, mass terrorist acts and tombs are considered to be sorts of dark tourism. Within the scope of this study, houses of horror were discussed which are an artificial dark tourism. There are many international examples of houses of horror. Houses of horror are located in the entertainment sector in Turkey as well. Detailed literature on the subject has been scanned. The questionnaire was created. Semi-structured interview method which is one of the qualitative data collection methods has been applied. The research was conducted in April-May 2018. Questions were raised to the owners of the houses of horror who responded positively to the interview request. The semi-structured interview form consisted of 5 questions. In the first question, information about demographic information was requested. Other questions include houses of horror and tourism. As a result of different themes have been identified in Turkey where the houses of horror. The operators of the houses of horror were generally male. In general, they have a second profession. It has been determined that houses of horror are generally preferred by local tourists or young participants. It was also emphasized that fear houses should have an international character. In addition, it is suggested to evaluate the houses of horror within the scope of tourism within the scope of dark tours after having certain qualifications.

Dark Tourism, Horror Houses, Dark Tourism Attractions

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