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The riches of the history of culture and science are possible with the exposition of historical works. For the history of Turkish culture and science, manuscripts have a characteristic in the mentioned direction. In this article, Salih Bin Celaleddin, one of the scholars of the period which was started in Egypt and complated in İstanbul in the 16th century, was tried to be introduced together with its content and language features. The features of the Ottoman Turkish language were significant, and since the characteristics of the Old Turkey Turkish period were partially seen, History-i Egypt contains the characteristics of the transition period. The copy of the author is in the Turkish Manuscripts section of the Istanbul Topkapı Palace Library with R. 1405 code and is the basis of the article. Salih Bin Celaleddin, who was born in Tosya, was a professor of Sultan Bayezid, who was a professor in the important madrasas of the time and he was also served as a jugde in Egypt. On the page where there are 21 lines, the History of Egypt is a prose that consists of 462 pages. Celalzade Salih Çelebi's manuscript titled Tarih-i Mısır is a prose work written with a line of 232 lines and 21 lines. The work is registered with the R.1405 Arşin number in the Turkish Manuscripts section of the Topkapı Palace Museum. There are six at the Library of Rare Books of Istanbul University, four at the Turkish Inscriptions Department of Topkapı Palace, three at the Hidiv Library Turkish Literature section, three at the Süleymaniye Library, two at the Department of Turkish Inscriptions at the Austrian National Library, and at the National Library of Egypt and There are twenty-one copies in the Turkish Manuscripts Department. Due to the fact that it has full copy feature and author line, this copy is preferred as our working subject.

Turkish Language, Manuscript, Ottoman Turkish, Old Turkey Turkish, Salih Bin Celaleddin, History of

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