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The main purpose of this paper is explanation and evaluation of the transformal relationships between Islam and the key concepts of the preislamic religion of the Turks. The key concepts of the preislamic religion of the Turks which are investigated “kam”, “baksı” and “emçi”. These key concepts are evaluated according to the fieldwork results that conducted area of Turkestan, a special attention is given to the worldviev and folk philosophy. The Turks,who are the determinants of the Eurasian history in the course of nearly three thousand years, can share the same view of the world, despite the fact that nearly 250 million people are organized in close to 40 socio-cultural sub-groups depending on many factors. This study focuses on the transformation of the institutional structure of the Turkish culture ecology, which forms the basis of unity and unity, from the beginning and transforms it on its own cultural foundations and transforms it from din cam hayatı to ek baksı Türk and g emçi g. In this context, the experience of internalization of each new religion turns into a social and social dı internal affair m and a cultural tenevvu, rather than an external ade external affair ü. It accepts the symbols that it accepts and the avenue it accepts in the sense of the social accumulation of the society that accepts the new religion and reinterprets it in thousands of years of experience andeveryday life practice. In the Turkish culture ecology, which is the local and dominant sociocultural texture in Kazakh folk culture, the result of the study, which is experienced and discussed in the process of transformation from de cam c to ”baksı“ and ”sucker“, is the basicclaim of the study.

Folk religion, Baksy, Emchi (İslamizated shaman), Kam (Turkish shaman), Worldview, İslamization

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