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Woman has been the matter of question both in terms of family life and her position in political, social and economic spheres. Gender phenomenon and how social gender stereotyping came to exist are among the questions. Because of the roles loaded by society to genders, woman has been directly or indirectly dragged into a tense and conflicting process. Considering that one of the cases in the cultural formation process is religion; religion gives information about how the nation views the world view, traditions and genders. For this reason, rules, myths, stories, imagination of sacred and implications of the religion have always been determinants of people’s roles, living in that culture. However, it is thought that the only authority in formation of gender roles is not religion; because the history of mankind dates back earlier than the history of religion. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that men and women antipathetically exist on the earth from the very beginning. In this context, the matter of this study is that women in traditional agricultural societies do not have equal rights not only biologically, but also socially with men. The main question of the study is what is the authority(s) determining woman? Religion, trying to explain all the experiences of people as a meaningful structure, has sometimes alienated genders, sometimes formed rules between genders. Based on the hypothesis that the only authority in construction of gender is not religion, this study aims to explain gender perception within the context of Islam, private property and biological differences between men and women

Woman in Islam, view on woman, religion and woman

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