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Myths and mythology, as a result of efforts to interpret the close circles, universe and natural phenomena of primitive human communities, are one of the steps leading researchers to the beginning of the cultural history of humanity. This system, in which human beings cannot be conceived separately from nature and society, was born with the search for answers to the vital issues of the communities that have not yet become acquainted with science. Myths were the only way out for the primitive societies that needed to solve the unknown aspects of the environment, creation, genesis and natural events. Death -central to mythology-, afterlife and the conception of soul can be explained by man’s desire to remain as a part of the existence in the natural cycle of the universe. Consulted to cope with the destructiveness of death, mythological concepts have been the strongest reference point for human beings throughout history. Since the systems that create mythology are in a close relationship with geography where societies live, climate, cultural levels and religious consents of people, the mythology of each community has its own characteristics. However, some mythological conceptions and some practices with the same functions are universal in many mythological systems. There are also overlapping properties in the mythologies of Turkish and Russian communities that share neighbouring geographies. The fact that these communities exhibit similar beliefs and practices, despite having adopted different religions, is actually a sign that human beings give similar reactions in the face of the secrets of the unknown. The aim of this study is to touch upon the specific properties of Turkish and Russian mythologies, to show their courses under the influence of different religions and to reveal similarities between them. In this respect, the approaches to the mythical world in both mythological systems will be exhibited with an emphasis on death, afterlife, the conception of soul and ways of communication with them.

Turkish Mythology, Russian Mythology, Death, Afterlife, Soul

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