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Today, the Turkish ready-wear industry is undergoing a transformation process from a contract manufacturing to full package manufacturing. The most important input in the production of ready-wear is undoubtedly the labor force. For this reason, the success of the transformation process is possible by meeting the qualified personnel needs of the industry. In this study, labor force requirement of the Turkish ready-wear industry is examined. Qualitative research method is used in this study. Job adverts on ready-wear industry are investigated on www.kariyer.net which is Turkey’s largest human resources website. Firstly the job positions which are most needed by the ready-wear industry and then the characteristics required for candidates for these positions are determined. The obtained data are subjected to frequency and percentage analyzes in the SPSS 21.0 program. According to the result of the research; the most needed personnel positions of Turkish ready-wear enterprises are "stylist", "merchandiser" and "sales consultancy" respectively. It has also been found that ready-wear enterprises are primarily seeking communication skills and suitability for teamwork from the personnel who will work in these positions. The main problem for ready-wear enterprises is to meet the need for personnel from outside the production area such as merchandiser, sales consultant, because enterprises request professional knowledge as well as marketing knowledge from merchandisers and sales consultants. However, the marketing knowledge is given in the marketing programs and the professional knowledge is given in the professional departments in Turkey. This situation leads to the loss of time and money since firms have to give profesional tranings to the marketing graduates for merchandiser position. The opposite of this case is also true; the staff with professional knowledge also needs marketing knowledge. Therefore, the ready-wear enterprises need vocational training education institutions which give both marketing and profession training to meet the labor force requirements of sales representatives and sales consultants. Because, in all the researches and studies carried out, it is emphasized that the contribution of education is important and the quality of labor force should be improved through education.

Ready-wear Industry, Ready-wear Enterprises, Labor Force, Labor Force Requirement, Job Advert

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