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The environment and buildings we live in indicate a chain like structure that includes internal spaces; urban spaces as well as part of nature surrounding the city. In spite of the fact that educational building, especially higher-educational buildings posses various peculiarities due to variety and change in education, research, social and culturel values they still represent one of the uppermost features of the urban environment in every society. Higher-education differ from other education system by orientating the individual one of the branches of science, art and literature. Therefore Higher Eucation Institutions are the most efficient organization for the rapid progress of nations on international platforms. Education in these institutions is widespread on campusses. Although there are a lot of important planning criterias like location aspects, relationship between city and university, educational system and population etc. that may effec the design of university campus settlements this paper focuses on the accessibility of university campuses. In this paper, Education and Accessibility as a Right, University Campuses and Accessibility issues are discussed and Eskisehir Technical University 2 Eylül Campus Settlements is evaluated in terms of accessibility.

Accessibility, Campus, Eskisehir Technical University

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