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Mudurnu district of Bolu province is a valuable place for Turkish Sufism. In particular, the Halveti school and its representatives seem to have intensified their activities in this district. The Sufi Davut al-Halveti who first brought the Halveti school to Mudurnu. David al-Halveti was one of the great mystics of the mysticism that lived in the 15th century. Davut al-Halveti from Mudurnu has been in this district for the rest of his life. Although it was written in historical sources where he was buried in Mudurnu after his death, it is not known where his grave is today. Sir Nasuhi Muhammed from the Halveti school and his students were people who had been in the county for years. Sir Mehmet Tului, Sir Abdullah Rüşdi, Sir Muhammed Necip, all of them have been operating under the Nasuhiye branch of Halveti School. Besides these powerful representatives of the Halveti school, Mudurnu also holds an important representative of the Kadiri school. This person is the lover of Mudurnulu Abdurrahim Tırsi. Abdurrahim Tırsi is the caliph of Eşreoğlu Rumi, who is the founder of Kadiri school in Anatolia. The name of the school he founded is Eşrefiyye. This Kadiri school was not widespread in Anatolia. Only in Iznik and around it can be effective. As it is seen, Mudurnu district is a valuable place for Halveti and Kadiri schools. Apart from these, there are also shrines in Mudurnu center and hills. The green tomb, Doruk Baba tomb and Arslan Baba tomb are only three of them, and it is not known exactly who lies in these tombs. Although we know that a great person like Davut al-Halveti is today Mudurnulu and that his tomb is not known although it is buried in Mudurnu, it is necessary to examine the tombs and the tombs of this unidentified tomb better.

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