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Based on the hate speeches made by Donald John Trump, who was elected President of the United States on January 20, 2017, including the process of being president of the United States from business life that began in the 1980s, discourse analysis was conducted in order to determine the characteristics of the language used especially for women. In the context of this analysis, Trump's speech texts at different times; the use of natural language, the rhetorical elements, and the agenda topics discussed. The findings we have arrived at have been systematically organized and benchmarked. In terms of political communication, the language used by public leaders and political leaders is very important for the domain of influence. They are identified with political leaders in terms of parties and ideologies across the political spectrum. Therefore, the discourse of the political leader is very important for the party to choose the target audience. In addition, if the leader in question has popular and charismatic characteristics in terms of personality, the effect on the target group increases in parallel with it. In different parts of the world, the goals of politicians in hate speech practices vary depending on which groups and individuals are exposed to discrimination in that society. However, the environment that nourishes and legitimizes mentality structures, attitudes and behaviors, motivations and ideologies does not change. When America's world politics and economy are taken into consideration and the power of setting the agenda is taken into consideration, the dimension of the destruction that discriminatory and humiliating discourse to the woman we often encounter in Donald Trump's article is very important.

Political Language, Political Discourse, Discourse Analysis, Hate Speech, Trump

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