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Today’s institutions and individuals are also affected by the changes while the age of our technology has rapidly been developing. Especially after 2000’s, various significant developments such as 3D metal printer, artificial embryos, smart cities, artificial intelligence have caused many fundamental changes on daily lives and services offered by the government. These changes and developments also affecting the public administrations have made the efficient and productive use of public resources and natural resources of the public more important. Accordingly, in-service training is the most essential tool of making public officials and individuals adopt to changes. In order for public officials to keep pace with the changes and improve their knowledge and skills regarding their responsibilities, they are required to take updated training events in respect to the services they offer. The way to do that is the in-service training programs provided before and during the service. In the study prepared within this context, the attitudes of public officials in Isparta province regarding in-service training were generally tried to be measured. In the research, the findings obtained from the survey data applied in Isparta were evaluated by taking conceptual and theoretical frame into account. As a result of the study, it is seen that the participants have a positive attitude towards in-service training, trainers, organizations regarding the training and acquisitions of the training. Moreover, it is highlighted that opinions of public officials receiving in-service training regarding stated sub-categories tends towards negative as they get older.

In-Service Training, Public Administration, Public Officials, Attitude, Isparta

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