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The level of diplomatic relations between countries may change rapidly, but the perception at the social level is the result of a long-term process. Therefore, it is important to examine how important events in a country are transferred by allies or enemies to their communities so that the foreign policy, communication and intelligence targets can be identified and action plans can be put forward accordingly. Thus, the abovementioned questions arise: (i) How a media organization tries to create an idea and belief in the society with the language it uses to convey a subject? (ii) On behalf of whom, this media organization is trying to create that idea and belief? This article examines how the Operation Olive Branch was reflected in the “Izvestia” newspaper which is one of the most important actors of the Russian press. It has been tried to be explained how the Operation Olive Branch took place in the pro-Kremlin Russian press and how it was released to the Russian public since the beginning of the operation till the seizure of Afrin center between the dates of January 20, 2018 and March 18, 2018. In the scope of the study, 38 printed copies of Izvestia published between the mentioned dates were examined and the articles related to the operation are given as translations and including opinions and comments about the subject. It is thought to be important to examine the messages given to the Russian society through an important newspaper with a high circulation, in terms of the goals that the Russians desire to achieve holistically within a period that the Turkish-Russian relations are evolved politically, militarily and commercially and also while Russia plays an active role in the civil war in Syria.

Operation Olive Branch, Afrin, Russia, Russian Press, Izvestia.

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