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Kirghiz Turks is one of the richest Turkish tribes in the means of ethnological instruments. Specifically considering the Epic of Manas which is the longest one in the word, the richness would be understood better. Telling fairy tales is the most favourite tradition after telling epic in Kirghiz Turks. It is possible to apprehend the cultural atmosphere of the habitat and find instruments related to the life of tellers looking through the fairy tales. One of these instruments is poverty. Since the fairy tales telling tradition still exists in the countryside, it can’t be thought that the economic condition of the fairy tales tellers and listeners is good enough. Hence, the tellers reflect his /her poverty on the tales and will desire the poor hero of the tale to become rich. Considered to be the realist tales in Kirghiz fairy tales usually the relation between the poor and rich notion is dealt. On the basis of Kirghiz fairy tales, poverty notion will be dealt and analysed in this study.

Kirghiz Turks, Kirghiz Fairy Tales, Poverty.

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