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Representing one of the longest-lasting and most colorful types of the trade and shopping history, traditional fairs have left their mark on the economic, social, and cultural lives in Turkey as well for long years. Some of these organizations, still known with the name “traditional merchandise and animal husbandry fairs” at many localities in Turkey, have some quite well-established history. One of the environments drawing attention with their traditional fairs, which date back to the Ottoman period, as well as with the richness of their traditional fairs today is Çanakkale locality. The traditional fairs in Çanakkale in the process since the Ottoman archive documents are addressed in the study presented here. The Ottoman archive documents containing various pieces of information on the traditional fairs at the locality help date the past of the traditional fairs in Çanakkale and reveal their importance. The existence states of the traditional fairs in Çanakkale in the historical process as well as their places and dates of establishment were determined and the changes taking place over time were presented with the study. A process in which the traditional fairs are gradually disappearing is being experienced in Turkey under such impacts as the changes in the marketing, shopping, and entertainment cultures as well as the technological developments. Nevertheless, with 14 traditional fairs set up in 11 settlements every year, Çanakkale province now ranks second after Balıkesir among the provinces in which the most traditional fairs are set up in Turkey. The traditional fairs of Çanakkale go on making social, cultural, and economic contributions in those environments where they are set up. The comprehensive addressing and planning of traditional fairs in the Southern Marmara Subregion, in which Çanakkale and Balıkesir are located, are among the proposals of the study. In this way, both the existence of these extant heritage assets will be supported and the opportunities and advantages they offer in sociocultural and economic terms can be extended.

Traditional fair, county fair, traditional fairs in the Ottoman period, traditional fairs in Çanakka

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