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Traditional settlements are an important source for understanding different building cultures. The “vernaculaire-vernacular architecture” in the definition of French and English, which we can call local architecture, is the transformation of the culture of society into substance, directly and unconsciously, within the framework of specific needs. In other words, the society creates the ideal space and environment without the need for experts such as architects, engineers etc. (Sezgin 1984:4). In traditional settlements, the residential textures include the layouts that respond to the basic needs of production and life. One-off, technology-independent, self-produced, experience-based samples lose their meaning and content by changing their living conditions together with technological developments. These unique structures have been diversified and spread throughout Anatolia within the framework of cultural, environmental and daily life requirements as a result of the experience of hundreds of years, these original structures are transformed into a uniform housing area being same with the process of modernization, which is thought-provoking. Can residences, that enable all kinds of actions and temporal changes required by life, at the same time, that have the flexibility to produce solutions in an infinite way with little or no material, and where quality is important but not quantity, be a source of contemporary housing? The purpose of this article is to discuss the programmatic structure of the Turkish house space fiction, which is the result of experience and production of long years, and whose origins lie in the Central Asian tent. This discussion aims to comprehend the structures from the tent to the room, from the room to the Turkish house space fiction that are valuable for the programmatic structure of house produced with experience.

Turkish House, Central Asian Tent, Room, Anteroom

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