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It begins to refer to a group of people called Hurrians from the last quarter of the 3rd Millenium B.C. in the oldest written records of Ancient Eastern World. There is no definite answer to the question of where the original homeland of the Hurrians is. While some scholars suggest the Kura-Aras region in Transcaucasia, some other scientists claim that their homeland is Eastern Anatolia. However, they have had a profound influence on political, military and cultural contexts both in the regions where they are located and related to. They have been confirmed by the fact that they are an aggressive and disseminated people with the spread of the names of Hurrians and the elements of the Hurrian culture to a wide area extending to North Mesopotamia, North Syria and Eastern Anatolia. However, this people seems to have been politically passive since the middle of 2nd Millenium B.C. The most important reason for this is that the regions where Hurrians lived are invaded by Mitannians who were extremely warlike people. Mitannians who are understood to be a people of Indo-European origin, established sovereignty in the territories in a short period of time with their own special chariots and they have founded a strong state, its center was GAP region in modern Turkey. In fact, this state is based on a partnership. In this co-production, while the widespread masses of people were formed by Hurrians of Asian origin, the thin elite layer was formed by Mitannians of Indo-European origin. This state based on Hurrian-Mitannian partnership was considered one of the strongest political structures of Ancient Near East from the mid-15th century B.C. up to the mid-14th century. Mitanni state, destroyed by the Hittites in the middle of the 14th century B.C. and became a buffer state connected to Hittites continued its political existence until Sea Peoples Migration which occured in 1200s B.C.

Hurrians, Mitannians, Hittites, Ancient Near East, Mitannian Migration.

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