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Settlement names having an important place in the cultural treatures of societies keep alive the memories of their own societies and play an important role in the transfering of the culture from the past to the future. Every mountain, stream, river, bridge, fountain, castle and so on. is known by the name and lives in history. These structures, which are sometimes named after the influence of the communities that dominate the country, are called by the names that bear the traces of the people's mind and cultural memory. Turkish communities have given meaningful names to the places where they entered and settled, including migration routes, until they were settled into the settled life starting from nomadism. The history of Turkmenistan, the origin of the Turkmen, the names of tribes and tribes living in Turkmenistan have a very important function in determining the names. The place names in Turkmenistan are important in terms of revealing the socio-cultural, economic, historical, political and geographical characteristics of Turkmenistan. Toponymy is the science that has as its subject the study of geographical names or toponyms. As all other names, toponyms belong to languages. Toponym work enable us diachronically and syncronically linguistc study. In this study, place names in Turkmenistan will be classified as thematic. This classification work will be done with the help of toponimy dictionaries published in Turkmenistan, geography atlases and information obtained from Turkmens. The lack of works with place names in Turkmenistan has encouraged us to do this work.

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