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Bahrî Mamluks Period is a period in which some Islamic institutions are systematized and matured. In this period, the justice palaces also appear as systematic and sophisticated institutions. The places used as courthouses in the Bahrî Mamluks are Dâru'l-Adl, Eyvân and Eyvânu'l-Kebir respectively. Before the first courthouse was built in the Bahrî Mamluks, legal issues were examined in the Sâlihiyye Madrasas and Bâbu'd-Dihlîz. Later, the first court house, Dâru'l-Adl, was built by Baybars. After the construction of Eyvan, it started to be used as a court house. In the course of time, Eyvan was demolished and instead a larger and functional courthouse, Eyvânu'l-Kebir, was built. Courthouses were not only the places where the cases were discussed and settled, but at the same time it was an institution with formal features such as the place where the official abdication take place and the place where the guests coming to the meeting with the sultan are accepted. Moreover, justice palaces have become a symbol of legitimate government. In this article, we have identified the places used as courthouses in Bahri Mamluk period based on the information in the sources. We stated the places where the judicial and religious affairs were resolved in this period before the first courthouse was built. Besides this, we showed the first courthouse which was built, the other courthouse buildings used in the process and the changes and developments in these buildings. We also pointed to the functions and importance of the courthouse buildings in Bahrî Mamluks period.

Courthouses, Bahrî Mamluks, Sâlihiyye Madrasas, Bâbu'd-Dihlîz, Dâru'l-Adl, Eyvan, Eyvânu'l-Kebir

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