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In the governance model, the main role that falls in the state or public administration; is to be a catalyst to the multilateral management process of policymaking, planning, implementing and supervising the policy of mutual interaction among all the actors of the society, rather than deciding, applying, directing and directing. Governance; is a system of innovations in a range of social and managerial aspects, including the reduction of expenditures in public administration, the support of the private sector, the education of the state, investment in health and social areas, reform of the tax system, and creation of a more transparent and accountable government system. Changes in the world political system and the transition from management to governance have caused the Turkish Public Administration to abandon the Law on Accounting and Public Law No. 1050, which has been in effect since 1927, to the Law on Public Financial Management and Control No. 5018. With this change, a public financial management approach has been introduced from the traditional public management perspective, public financial management adopted by the effective, economical and efficient use of public resources, and transparency and accountability in public institutions. In this research; it is aimed to measure from the good governance principles the social perception of transparency and accountability in Turkish Public Administration. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied to 1004 people in 56 county and districts and the primary data of the researchers were collected. Data collected during the research process are SPSS. 22.0 Statistical Package Program. As a result of the analysis of the data, it was determined that the transparency and accountability perceptions of the sample group participating in the research are generally low. However, the results show that participants' perceptions of transparency and accountability in public administration are negative, in other words, public institutions and organizations are not transparent in every sense and accountability in public administration is not preliminary.

Public Administration, Governance, Good Governance, Transparency, Accountability

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