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In March 2011, thousands of people have been wounded and died since the beginning of civil war and chaos, which started in the Middle East and spread to Syria. As a result of growing human crisis seen in Syria, an intense refugee mobility toward our border started, so movement up to 300-400 citizens to Cilvegozu border gate in Hatay formed the first mass population movements from Syria to Turkey. Because of growing tension and chaos in Syria, migration flows has been getting more intense, Turkey has become a hospitable country rather than others for Syrian refugees. In the present case, "Temporary Protection" status has been granted to nearly 3.5 million Syrian refugees, so developing some public policies has become mandatory for Syrians to make them benefit from the fundamental rights. Within the framework of the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 dated 2013 (YUKK) and the Temporary Protection Regulations that entered into force in 2014, significant steps have been taken in both local and central areas from education to health, from employment to adaptation process. These public policies, which have been gained binding status with the legal process, have been turning point for meeting the needs of many Syrian refugees as well as the growing of consensus culture and the acceleration of the integration process. Although it has been discussed whether these steps are enough or not, Turkey became the second country after the United States in terms of international humanitarian assistance. In this framework; some public policies that have been applied for Syrian refugees pointed out since they came into Turkey and focused on how these public policies should be developed for providing better conditions and creating consensus culture for Syrians who have evolved to permanence from temporary residency

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