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Environmental problems have become one of the most important problems in Turkey as well as in every part of the world. Problems of air, water and soil pollution, global warming, destruction of flora and fauna, deterioration of ecological balance, solid wastes and urbanization are among the common environmental problems today. The emergence of these environmental problems locally leads to a universal dimension in the future. Local governments, especially municipalities, have important responsibilities in solving environmental problems. In the light of these explanations, it was aimed to investigate the importance of the local administrations on the Aksaray Municipality example, in terms of reaching a global dimension starting from the local level. In scope of this study, firstly is evaluated the development of environmental policies in the world and Turkey. Later, policies and activities for the solution of environmental problems in Aksaray province is explained. Among these policies and activities are the provision of drinking water, sewage infrastructure activities, the elimination of solid wastes, creation of green spaces and urban transformation projects. In the last part of the study, opinions and suggestions were made for environmental problems in Aksaray province which is of great importance with geographical location, natural, cultural and historical values. Also, in this study is aimed to present a basis for future researches.

Aksaray Municipality, Environmental Policies, Local Governments

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