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Kyrgyzstan which is a Central Asian country, gained its independence in 1991 and adopted parliamentary system of government. The need of state organs to be restructuring in early periods of independence and emergence of many issues as the economic, social, education, development etc. that need urgent solution, made it necessary to take quick and rational decisions. One of the important areas that needed to be reformed was restructuring of local government. With the “Law on Local Government” signed in 1991, instead of a centrally managed administration dating from the USSR has been started and still continues the process of transitioning to the decentralization, which gave more authority and responsibility to local governments. During this process was realized a lot of legal regulations on local government so have been made some attempts to overcome deficiencies. The aim of this study is to examine the structure, historical development, financial resources and problems of the local government of the Kyrgyz Republic and introduce local government systems in different aspects. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the different aspects of local government systems in the Kyrgyz Republic by considering the structure, historical development, financial resources and problems of local governments. It is clear that Kyrgyzstan has many work to do with local governments. It is also worth noting that it is a long process that local governments operate as an autonomous unit independent of the center, and that this is not something that can happen immediately. Moreover, the administrative and regional structure of the country also shows that local governments can not serve the local people competently. It is also necessary to emphasize that this field continues to work intensively with such shortcomings and efforts have been made to increase the autonomy of local governments.

Kyrgyzstan, Central Government, Local Governments.

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