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The Turks spread over large areas on earth; They has lived their tongues in their geographies and spread their cultures to that geography. The Turks have strengthened this tie, as language and religion attach to ethnic, social and cultural ties to the region from Central Asia to Anatolia. Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Anatolia. The Seljuks, the Ottomans and the Safavids, if necessary, placed the Turkish-nomadic Turks in various places for political and social reasons. Yazır, Avşar, Karkın and Çepni trtribes were settled in Afyonkarahisar and Bolvadin. In addition, the Turks of Karabakh, who were emigrated to Anatolia during the Ottoman period, were placed in Anatolia. The Turks gave their settlements the names of their tribes, names of tribes, or geographical features of the place where they lived or the names of settlements before they came here. Alight-nomadic Turks who live in the geography of present-day Turkmen, Kashkay Turks and Shahseven are similar in many ways to the nomads living in Anatolia. Language, culture, politics, climate etc. of Turkish people living in a very wide area. naturally begin to differentiate from each other. Tribes that have migrated from geography to geography where they have been around for centuries have carried their own cultural accumulations with their own tongues. In our work, belief, social structure, language, economic and cultural partnerships are discussed.

Iranian Turks, Anatolian Turks, Cultural Partnerships, Migration, Social Structure

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