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The rituals that came up as a result of some events that affect the society in historical space are important symbolic parts which constitute the unconscious bases of social life repeated by certain groups of a society or society at specific time intervals. The mind of the subject and any kind of cultural response wait to be expressed in the unconscious structure. At this point, to understand a ritual can only be possible by examining and analysing of all the elements which have an influence on the ritual. Individual and social psychology in terms of community segments, changes during cultural transfer and unconscious beliefs of a society defined the minor differences in performing the rituals due to their definition and structure. Explaining a social and cultural phenomenon only by its birth and root would not be efficient; therefore, each element should be explained by considering the system of perception of a society and culture. Even though the questions asked about rituals have similar answers, people who perform a ritual may have different types of socio-cultural and socio-political infrastructure. The base form of the ritual which named by Carrying the “Alem” near Kars and Iğdır Provinces has emerged as a result of an event which affects a certain group or a certain society. Carrying the “Alem" has been examined by observations and compilations in areas mentioned above, and besides the historical factors and acceptances about the structure and birth of the ritual, different dimensions and functions of the ritual such as the existence and maintenance of the social and cultural environment have been observed. Such studies may help providing data in the process of understanding the psychology of the subject and identifying the local or national cultural accumulations.

Ritual, belief, Turkish culture, mythology, Ehl-i Beyt, Carrying the “Alem"

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