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Secret fear of failure known as Achilles Syndrome, is the name given to the fear that is experienced by people found successful by others however not trusting himself/herself as much as other individuals, feeling weaker. These people in reality are successful however they don’t see themselves successful, and for this reason they work more and get tired more. The ones that are setting big goals for themselves and experiencing disappointment when not reaching these goals feel tired, exhausted, burned-out. In this way, the purpose of this study is to show the relationship between secret fear of failure and occupational burnout levels of people working in managerial positions at different sectors by also taking into consideration the demographical variables. For the analysis of the data there has been used the SPSS software and a survey has been made on 151 managers working in education, health, banking sectors. At the end of the research there has not been found so much significant relationship between the secret fear of failure and occupational burnout, and the demographical variables of managers except age, sector and working time variables; nevertheless there has been found a significant relationship between secret fear of failure and occupational burnout. Findings show that there is a significant relationship between occupational burnout and fear of hidden failure. On the other hand, the demographic characteristics of managers except for age and sectoral variables were not significantly related to the fear of hidden failure and their professional burnout. While no significant difference was found between the burnout levels of participants by age; the levels of hidden fear of failure varied according to age.

Achilles Syndrome, Occupational Burnout, Manager

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