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In 15th century, Eastern Anatolia, Azerbaijan, Iraq-Acem included several tribes such as Aqquyunlu Musullu (Shabak )which were dominant in Iran, Purnak, Bicânlu, Baharlu, Bayat and Alpavut. Among these tribes, Musullular is one of the three great tribes that constitute the Aqquyunlu State connected to Boz-Ulus Turkmen community. Musullu tribes played important and effective roles in the Aqqoyunlu throne games, in political crises and in the administration of the state.One of these people was Sufî Khalil (Halil), who was from Musul (Shabak). After Sultan Yakub's death, he quickly seized the Aqquyunlu administration and management and tried to establish a strong structure but failed. For this reason, the activities of Musullu tribe which was active in Aqquyunlu administration must be investigated through Musullu Sufî Khalil case. Thus, the role of tribes and tribal members along with the political and administrative structure of the state will be revealed. In this article, the role of the Musullu tribe in the Aqquyunlu state administration during the periods when the Aqquyunlu state weakened, the harsh political actions of Musullu Sufî Khalil Bey, who seized administration and control completely during the Sultan Baysungur period, and the political roles of the opponents trying to stand against it will be examined within boundaries of the cause-result relationship. Thus, some of the causes and challenges that lead to the collapse of the Aqquyunlu state will be tried to be resolved.

Aqquyunlu, Musullu, Sufi Khalil,Turkmens,Tribal

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