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During the Meiji restoration period, Japan has altered in all aspect of social structure that was taken over from Edo period. In the first part of this research, the social structure of Edo period and the consequences of Japan’s encountering with others have been examined. Then, the alterations during Meiji period have been mentioned. The main aim of the given information about social structure in Edo period and changes during Meiji period is to remark the main actors: Warriors have domination over social order for both Edo and Meiji periods. While the domination during Edo period is strictly status quoist, the warriors became alterations’ pioneer during following period. The role of military and some results of this role in the first half of the 20th century have been tried to reveal in the second part of the research. Respectively during Edo, Meiji periods, and the first part of the 20. century, there were many changes in Japan. In contrast to the changes , the military dominance feature has proceeded. In the first part of the 20. century, some factions among military has been occured just like Edo period’s daimyōs that are waring each other. While the rooted social structures and features change one by one in the Meiji period, military hegemony as unchanging feature of Japan has continued. This hegomany and factions among military would be the main reason of the coup attempts in 1930’s.

Japan, Edo, Meiji, Modernisation, Militarism, Coup

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