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Shoe is a footwear that is considered as appeared with the need of protection of feet and formed according to the climate and environmental conditions from time to time. Shoes have been reflecting the differences, needs, crafts, technologies, favor and artistic features between the social classes as mirror of the cultural structures of the public, besides its protection feature, it is also seen as product of monetary culture and industrial fashion. In its production, esthetic worries are taken over besides being functional and different materials are also used with leather and textile. Beads are one of these materials. The “prison work” that is known as bead work has been being done at our prisons since beginning of 20th century. After knitting beads together with rope with help of needle in 1 – 2 mm dimensions, “uppers” located on the base of shoes are prepared. Then the uppers that have been produced at the workshops are connected with the base and formed into shoes. Small items are still being produced at the prisons but the uppers that are made from bead works are not seen much. Six pairs of shoes that are taking place at collection of Mehmet Akbacakoğlu that were produced in different prisons between the years 1955-1970 by being knitted from bead work uppers, were examined according to the prison in which upper was knitted, production year, size, model, materials, color, motif, composition, wear out and repair and aspects. Today, because these uppers are not being knitted and therefore not being transformed into shoes, it was purposed to document such shoes at the collection. In this study, it’s aimed to commend again to the uppers that were produced with the prison work technique as being a part of our traditional culture and contributing to the fashion and production sector and forming source for other studies.

Shoes, Prison Work Uppers, Bead, Collection of Mehmet Akbacakoğlu

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