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Wedding ceremonies and dresses, which have a place in each culture and have idiosyncratic features, reflect the characteristics of the society lived in. there are three important transition period in human life. These are birth, marriage and death. Marriage, which constitutes the second part of human life, represents the maturity phase of lives of both women and men. The announcement of establishment of family, which is the smallest unit of society and sharing the joy and happiness with society is important. Therefore while having different applications in each society, wedding traditions are carried on until today with alterations and transformations through communal living. In center of Cankiri, the dresses and accessories worn by girls in girl’s henna and festivities in the past have idiosyncratic features. Today, gradually disappearing clothing and usage of accessories due to changing life styles, give its place to new clothing and applications. Rituals and clothing of the past fall into oblivion. In a world where societies become standardized, the need for preservation of our cultural diversity and its inclusion among world’s cultural heritage richness scales up day by day. In this essay, the bridal dresses worn in girl’s henna and festivity rituals in the center of Cankiri will be examined. The studies carried on for this aim is important in terms of reflecting the culture of the district and transmission of these dresses to next generations. On the other hand, the this study which examines the clothes and accessories which are considered as portable cultural artifacts, has a particular importance because of the examination of this subject for the first time.

Çankırı, henna, festıvıty, wedding dresses, wedding.

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