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Historical Kipchak Armenian Kipchakcisi, an important branch of Turkic, century XV. Until the end of the century, he continued his existence as a spoken language and religion. has reached the level of leaving important written documents in western Ukraine for centuries. The speech language of the Kipchak Turks is important because it is used as a writing language in Armenian-language Kipchak texts. It is necessary to make an expression stronger and to dilate the concept. The dilemma also occurs by repeating the same word, as well as the close-up or opposite words or the two words that are similar in voice. "Turkmenin" has been studied in detail in the course of "history" in the course of history; but the Armenian-language Kıpçakçada dichotomies that constitute the source of the work have not been subjected to a detailed examination. Kipchakskoye Pismennoye Naslediye III prepared by Aleksandr Garkavets based on the entire texts of Armenian-Turkish Kipchak Turkish, Kipchaksky Slovar, Kipchak language dictionary, and the Armenian-language Kipchakchadas were evaluated in terms of their formations and meanings.

Kipchak Turkic in Armenian Script, morphology, reduplications

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