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This article is devoted to the history of the Kypchak sultans and emirs in the Middle East in 1310-1382. Having come to power, an-Nasir Muhammad took up the reorganization of the power vertical in 1310-1316. Amirs involved in the troubles of 1293-1310. Were either physically eliminated or fled to neighboring states. Amirs of the era of Kalawun were replaced by the henchmen of al-Nasir Muhammad. Periodically, the sultan repressed the over-amplified emirs. The Sultan expanded enriched his country by trading with Europeans and by conducting financial affairs by the Copts. Some privileges went to the Bedouin Arabs and Turkmans. In foreign policy, an-Nasir Muhammad moved from defense to expansion. The invasion of Syria in 1312 year was unsuccessful and soon the Hulaguids went to peace with the Mamluks. This is made unnecessary alliance with the Golden Horde. Relations with the Juchids from an-Nasir Muhammad were cool. At the same time, the Mamluks did not consider it shameful to support and let not the direct opponents of the Hulaguids - the governor Timurtash and the Georgian king Giorgi V Brilliant. The favorite targets for the Mamluks raids were Cilicia Armenia and Nubia. Under An-Nasir Muhammad, a number of campaigns against Cilicia were carried out. After his death, they temporarily stopped because of the internal struggle in the Mamluksom Sultanate. The attacks of Cypriots and Venetians on the Middle Eastern coastline in the 60-ies of XIV century. Revealed the weakness of the power of the Turkic sultans and amirs in Egypt and Syria. After al-Nasir Muhammad, they could defeat the frankly weak Cilicia Armenia. Certain amirs managed to seize power only for a short time. The most prominent amirs of this time were Kavsun, Yalbuga, Shaykhun, Sargitmish. Arab Bedouin tribes periodically rebelled in Syria and Egypt ggainst the power of the Mamluks,. It should be noted that in the struggle between themselves the Turkic emirs did not disdain to use the help of the Burji amirs, just as Barquk did not disdain to use the help of the Turkic emirs. However, it is worth noting that since 1382, in the history of the Mamluk Sultanate, a new period in history began, when the Circassian dynasty began to rule Egypt and Syria.

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