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This paper introduces the first example of the Lord’s Prayer in Armeno-Kipchak. The Turkic version of this prayer, which is one of the basic texts of Christianity, was first seen in Codex Cumanicus, and in other Turkic texts in following periods. This Armeno-Kipchak version, which was absent in the catalog of Armenian manuscripts written by Roszko, and in the article Zająnczkowski compared seven Turkic versions of Lord’s prayer, has been discovered in a breviary of Armeno-Kipchak preserved in Czartoryski collection of Polish National Library. Since this version is of Kipchak origin by language, it has been grammatically and lexically compared with the version of Codex Cumanicus, and between these two versions, similarities and differences have been presented. Despite every sect of Christianity has this prayer, each of them have their own peculiarities. The fact that Armeno-Kipchak version has doxology, which is absent in Latin versions, indicates that the scribe must have translated it from an Armenian version of Lord’s Prayer. It, however, is still unknown to us of what Armenian version he made use.

Armeno-Kipchak, Lord’s Prayer, Christianity texts, doxology, Codex Cumanicus

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