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The thing that makes a narration, an anectode or a ballad identify a certain commuity is especially the language of that community, idioms belong to the language, proverbs and lexises national, regional/local factors that the community has brought to that product. Those factors are also the genres of that community. These genres can be counted as self-goods of a region/territory. We can consider the cultural codes of a region as traditions, beliefs, personal names that belong to that region, place names, transition stages of life and the beliefs that occur around those stages. It is possible to see Nasreddin Hodja’s value judgement of society, his efforts to understand and interpret the life and, correspondingly lifestyle and value judgement in the stories that are connected to him. In addition to these, his sophisticated personality can be seen clearly in his anectodes. Cooking special meals for feasts, wedding traditions, shrine visiting, using the shrine soil for the purpose of recovery, hospitality and so many cultural factors are experienced as cultural cods that transferred to the next generations as aarenes in his narrations. Turkish public has also kept memories of people whom they value after their deaths in various ways. After his death, Hodja has always been respected, even sometimes seen as saint and many beliefs has manifested about him. Apart from his anectodes, even beliefs that appear after his death have been seen as folkloric material all by itself. For instance; Aksehir people go to Hodja’s tomb and prey when it doesn’t rain and they believe that the sand taken from Hodja’s tomb is good for eye pain and malaria. Starting the delivering of wedding invitations from Hodja’s tomb by bridal couple and invite him to the wedding ceremony, burying the newborn’s funiculus into Hodja’s tomb are the traditions that still applied. In this article, folkloric factors in anectodes of Hodja who is beyond all the times and has a great personality by benefiting from the methods of folklore education will be tried to analyze with their changing and unchanging aspects

anecdote, Nasreddin Hoca, kültür aktarıcısı, Culture conveyor,folklor

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