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THE ALTAI URIANKHAINS : MATERIAL CULTURE AND FORM OF THE FAMILY. (The Historical and Ethnographical Investigation. Late XIX - Early XX centuries)
Altai Uriankhians are one of the ethnic groups which inhabit the western part of Mongolia. They are distributed over Mongolian Altai from the upper-streams of Khovd River to the upper-streams of Bulgan River and occupy territories of Duut and Munkh-Khairkhan Soums of Khovd Aimag, and Buyant, Bulgan, Sagsai, and Altantsogts soums, and partly Deluun and Tolbo Soums of Bayan-Ulgii Aimag. In addition, the other Mongolian-speaking ethnicities such as Zakhchins, Torghuts, Myangats, and Uulds reside to the south off them, Durbets, Bayids, and Khalkas - to the northeast off them, and the Turkish speaking ethnicities such as Kazakhs, Altains and Tuvans- to the west and northwest off them.

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