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Persian is a language spoken by centuries not only in the land of Iran but also in various locations. The past of Persian goes back to very early dates in India where more than twenty formal languages are. Persian has been used actively for centuries in the area encompassing the region of Kashmere in north and the Deccan Plateau in south. Therefore it is possible to say Persian covers India all around from north to south. Persian, developed with the support of Mahmud of Ghazni, acquired the status of formal language during Akbar Shah’s reign. Later it continues its strength till the colonisation of the Indian Subcontinent by the British. Consequently it is seen that Persian witnessed the India’s changing history. As known Turks, who appeared in 1206 as Delhi Sultanate, kept their dominance to 1858 from 1526 as Baburi Empire. The Turkish rulers showed their same sensitivity to the ‘inshaa’ writing and training the ‘munshee’ as they shows to the administrative staff. Therefore Persian gives the people of the region to be hired in the governmental administration posts. By the decree the of Elisabeth I, a company titled East India Company was established in 1599. This Company, penetrates quickly to harbour cities like Surat, Madras, Mumbai but primarily to Kolkata with the priviliege given them by Jihangir. The British who were struggling to exist in Indian soil for a long time had to find a solution to the communication issue. Hence to learn Persian which was spoken, local and formal language in the region became inevitable. First of all, a centre titled ‘Medrese-i Sarkiyya’ was established. By time this centre becomes inadequate and in order to reach more people, an idea of establishing a new centre arises. So Fort William College was established in Kolkata in 1800 by Lord Richard Wellesley. Today with the millions of manuscripts the Indian Subcontinent invites researchers to light the history. In our this study, with which purpose the British used Persian, with Persian how much they achieved their target and the recent situation of Persian in India will be explained.

Fort William College, Persian, Persian in India

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