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In every society a taboo system on certain issues has been formed. Some human situations and physiological processes, and death and deadly diseases are not mentioned directly. At the time of communication, the speaker must always make a choice between vulgar designation and its softened variant called euphemism while mentioning some elegant issues. The speaker choises euphemism when he thinks that the subject of communication would disturb the listener. Some euphemisms which go back to earlier times, attract the attention of scientists since they are nowadays used in many areas of linguistic communication. In Russia, scientific research about the subject has gained importance and accelerated after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, during the last ten years of 20th century. In this period, the methods of formation of euphemisms in Russian language have been identified; the reasons why some words have been accepted as taboo are dealt with; the purposes of forming such euphemisms and the diachronic methods in their analyses have been revealed; the basic tools used in the formation of euphemisms have been determined and the dictionary of euphemisms in Russian language has been published. The research covers the i

Euphemism, i

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