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Studying Anthroportimic systems F.M. Dostoevsky is assumed by the deep analysis of its outlook and attitude. F.M.Dostoevsky - the perspicacious psychologist. A leitmotif of its creativity search and a solution of an essence of the person. In research resulted opinion of the writer what for him the person and is represented its character. Dostoevsky appreciates the person in all set of its qualities, both positive, and negative. In F.M.Dostoevsky's characters searches for the core, the deepest centre of the human. If a core human to name the sincere world of its heroes, names their names a threshold of the introduction into this world. What means, a name of the hero and how it passes with it on life, and what it makes in its destiny, whether it prevails over his life? All these questions the name-person-character and its destiny is live interested the writer. In our research we consider these lines of many-sided creativity of Dostoevsky. The reasonable expediency of a name in product can be not realized or vaguely enough and is vaguely realized writer. ????? in speech of characters of F.M.Dostoevsky opens "value", underlining presence of conscious installation in this or that used ??????????? (Goljadkin, Dobroselova, Dissenters, Barashkova, Karamazov, etc.). In other cases it is possible with ??????? or smaller degree of probability, on the basis of indirect given to assume consciousness of an author's choice. Undoubtedly Dostoevsky had "favourite" and "unloved" names that is connected with personal attachments of the author. The name of the favourite sister allocates Varenka Dobroselova in «Poor people», Avdotya Raskolnikova has received a name of the first love of F.M.Dostoevsky. The name of hated trustee Peter Karenina names negative characters: Peter Aleksandrovich ("Netochka Nezvanova"), Peter Aleksandrovich Valkovsky («Humiliated and offended»), Peter Petrovich Luzhin ("Crime and punishment"), Peter Stepanovich Verhovensky ("Demons"). So, the art role of own name in F.M.Dostoevsky's creativity should be considered, first of all, in the objective plan. And it is defined by all actual system of product, a context in the broad sense of the word. But it is exact as well in what the sense and weight of art function of a name depends on the objective art logic whole, whole the sense depends on art means by which it is created, in particular, and from name selection.

Personal names, F.M. Dostoevsky

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