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Andrei Platonov shows himself in the first half of the 20th century Russian Literature and has a distinctive style. The main theme of Platonov’s works is the pre and post period of the October Revolution. Although writing about the same theme as the authors Gorky and Sholokhov, Platonov, on the contrary, dislikes the conduct in the society and does not abstain to depict the defects and lacks he has noticed, and therefore is branded to be the enemy of the regime. Although his works were regarded against the Soviet Regime and banned, it is ironical that not him but his 15-year-old son was punished and sent to the concentration camp with the accusation of being both a enemy of the regime and a spy. Platonov, is known in our country especially with his works which are translated into our language as “The Foundation Pit” (Kotlovan) and “Chevengur”. The long short story “Dzhan” which he wrote in 1934 was translated into our language in 2007. This work describes the years spent in the Asian Desert by Nazar Chagatayev who completed his education in the Moscow Economy Institute. It also describes the survival struggle of the starving poverty stricken desert people, and the failure of the Soviet economical policy. Nomads who have forgotten their identities; that is, “Dzhans” are the people expelled by everybody. On one hand poverty, starvation, agony, despair and obstacles created by the nature, on the other hand the faith to change the conditions they are in are tried to be given together. In this article, next to the struggle to obtain a new land in the vast steppes, errors in application and how the social and i

Central Asia, order, folk, poverty, hope

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