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Hatay problem had emerged in 1936 due to the decision of France giving independence to Syria and was concluded in 1939 a few months ago before The Second World War with the annexation of Hatay to Turkey. The Sandjak of Alexandretta (Hatay) was included to the authority region of France together with Syria after the First World War. The Sandjak of Alexandretta, had remained outside of the Turkish national borders by Ankara Agreement of 20 October 1921 while it had been accepted within the borders of National Pact. With a special status, the Sandjak of Alexandrettta was included to the territory of Syria that was under French mandate at that time. The clause of 1921 Ankara Agreement relating to Sandjak was confirmed by the amendment 3 of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. Sandjak (Hatay) had become the foremost issue in foreign policy of Turkey since 1936. In 1936, after the decision of France giving independency to Syria, Turkey applied to League of Nations for Sandjak (Hatay) indepedency. Hatay was accepted as a “special state” with its constitution in 1937 and in 1938 “the State of Hatay” was founded by the great efforts of the Turkish government. Hatay stayed nearly one year as an independent state. While The Second World War was approaching, against to the revisionist policy of Germany and Italy, France estimated to the geopolitic importance of Turkey and had to accept leaving Hatay to Turkey. In this content, by the agreement for “the Final Settlement Of Territorial Questions between Turkey and Syria” was signed on June 23rd, 1939 between Turkey and France, Hatay was included to the borders of Turkey. After the settlement of Hatay guestion, The Turkish-French Joint Declaration was signed at the same day on 23rd, 1939 and Turkey determined its policy on the behalf of the anti-revisionist states on the eve of the Second World War. Finally, Turkey strongly evaluated the conditions of periods and achieved to solve, with the statement of grand leader Atatürk, Turkey’s national problem of Hatay by the way of international law and diplomacy.

Hatay Problem, Sandjak of Alexandretta, Turkey, France, Syria.

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