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The architectural and cultural history of Saint Petersburg, which I. Peter dreamt to europeanize and to build as the capital city of the future Russian Empire, not falling behind London, Paris and Rome but unlike Moscow, have taken roots in time. However; it would be impossible to understand the literature on Petersburg without understanding how it was founded on the coast of the Baltic Sea with the sacrifice of many workers coming from all four corners of the country, how it acquired its first name back, how it struggled against the swamp, in short, how a Russian emperor attempted to achieve the impossible, that is, this unique creation. In this respect, this study aims to analyse the historical significance of this sacred city, which has already been dealt with in the works of Pushkin, Block, Akhmatova, Mayakovsky, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Lermontov and Tolstoy, as it is reflected in the litrerary texts with reference to the establishment of it.

Petersburg, I.Peter, history, capital,

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