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Celil Memmedguluzade is one of the realist criticism authors in Azerbaijan. The greatest innovation made by him in Azerbaijan culture, literature and press is the journal “Molla Nasreddin”. He and “Molla Nasreddin followers” around him direct the social life, world of opinions, literature, press, language and morals of Azerbaijan. Social and economic conditions and foreign sources have a great role in the formation of the worldview and opinions of the author. Gogol is the author who most influenced his creativity. Reading the social issues which are handled by Gogol in his works in live tables, Celil examines Azeri society within the framework of the same social criticism. This study aims to examine “Story of Danabaş Village” by Celil Memmedguluzade in terms of social criticism. The work gives a social and political panorama of the period over the events experienced in a village and the persons who experience those events. It is shown that the weak forgets the past as soon as they seize power one day and that there is the tendency to suppress the weak in the depth of the human soul. It utters the story of the officials who earn money by taking advantage of the ignorance of the society. In brief, Danabaş Villagers’ familial life, styles of thinking, perspective of women and children, the injustices of the administrative power towards people are explained through a realist perspective. The author tells the events experienced in the village through an ironic style. The social criticism in the story is tried to be demonstrated through examples.

culture, social criticism, women’s rights, story.

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