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In the XXth century, there had been a large number of slaughters and massacres. During those massacres that took place as inevitable result of social dissociation and marginalization, millions of people were dead and the traumatic effects of these tragedies are carved into social memory via their intergenerational transmission of memories.One of these acts of violence is without doubt Rwanda genocide. Growing social polarization caused by colonial and local powers had evolved into a violent civil war and as a result, Hutu, one of the Rwandan people, had begun to perform act of violence targeting other Rwandan people, Tutsiand Twa. Because of these acts of violence, 800.000 people lost their live just in one hundred days. That atrocious genocide in 1994 became the maing subject of many sociological, anthropological, political and literary researches. Belgian comics creator Jean Philippe Stassen’s work Déogratias (2000) is considered one of those important works as it treats the genocide on a social and individual base. The process of genocide is narrated from the point of view of young Hutu Déogratias, the protagonist of the story who became severely insane after having witnessed inhuman, diabolical events. In this fictional work that begins right after the genocide, there are many flashbacks. Based on real testimonies, Stassen tries to tell the untold, truths that aren’t mentioned in official History narratives considering the “memory duty”. Based on the idea that “seeing the genocide and its results from the inside” Stassen encounters following problem: how to depict this humanitarian plight which is impossible to put in words with drawings and pictures? In this article, Stassen’s work Déogratias will be examined in terms of linear representations of history and memory.

Rwanda Genocide, Hutus, Tutsis, Memory, Comics, Memory Duty

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