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Circumcision, in today's Turkey feast and ceremony boy carries a special meaning for the parents is considered to be a significant event for participants in the air. Although it has such a special meaning in today's social structure, “circumcision” is not included in the pre-Islamic Turkish culture. Circumcision, which is not Islamic in origin within the framework of Turkish-Arab relations, but is accepted as an Islamic element by the Arabs, has been presented as a religious element in the process of the adoption of Islam to the Turks. The new rituals that the Turks started to apply to their lives within the framework of Turkish culture after the adoption of Islam have not been questioned in terms of historical experiences, but have been realized as a result of a long-term conflict and subsequent culturalization. Turkish folklore studies intensively adopted a single-centered method for interpreting and evaluating cultural products, preferring a compiler and transmitter role rather than questioning and critical. For this purpose, the aim of this study is to examine the façade of the circumcision ritual from Turkish-Arab relations to the present day in a minimal dimension with a relative questioning and a limited interdisciplinary method. In this context, circumcision is considered under the headings such as birth, marriage and death rituals which are accepted as transitional ceremonies. It is aimed to interpret the subject on the basis of written / oral culture products and history-centered elements in an approach other than the studies on the circumcision ceremonies identified in the field and having largely similar characteristics due to living in the same cultural universe.

Circumcision, Culturing, Turkish Culture

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