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Dede Korkut works in our country can be divided into two main branches. One of them is the copies of Dede Korkut's book and the other is the studies on the versions of Dede Korkut's narratives in Anatolia. In the field researches conducted by the researchers, various versions of the stature of Dede Korkut from many regions were compiled at different times and subjected to scientific analysis and published. In this context, Bamsı Beyrek is the boy which has been determined to have the most versions. The Trabzon version was first published in 1931 by Bartin Newspaper with the signature of Ahmet Baha by propagating from Hamamîzâde İhsan live. This narrative, which was published as a column in the newspaper, is both very short and incomplete. Therefore, Orhan Şaik Gökyay evaluated it as the shortest version in Anatolia and no scientific investigation has been conducted until today. However, in 2003, the narrative that we compiled from the village of Bengisu (formerly known as Kisarna) in Trabzon province with the name Basi Böyrek is a fairly Bamsı Beyrek version with both its plot and heroes, and this completes the points left missing by the previous publication. In this context, the aim of the study is to share the whole Trabzon version of Bamsı Beyrek with the scientific world for the first time and to make the first scientific study on this version. The research design was structured as a document research. The sampling method of the research is purposeful sample. The Trabzon version mentioned before was studied in the purposive sample. In the analysis of the data, descriptive analysis based on direct quotations was used. As a result of the research, it was found that Trabzon version has a great similarity with other versions in terms of plot, heroes, extraordinary events and form characteristics, but also has distinctive differences, and these differences are explained with “Theory of Oral Composition” and “Performance Method.”

Dede Korkut, Bamsı Beyrek, Bey Böyrek, Bası Böyrek, Trabzon version of Bamsı Beyrek.

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