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Although there is a long history of research on teacher empowerment, it can be said that research on this subject is new in Turkey. This research aims to examine the current research on teacher empowerment in Turkey thematically. It is thought that such a study will guide the areas to be focused on teacher empowerment research. In the study content analysis method was used and document analysis method was used as data collection method. In this context, within the framework of the criteria for inclusion 42 studies on teacher empowerment held in Turkey until 2019 are the source of research data. In the research, content analysis was used as data analysis method. In this context, the publication year of the research, approaches to teacher empowerment, research method, region, sample content, school level, sampling method, sample size, data collection method, measurement tool, variables discussed together, data analysis method, and publication type were determined as themes. The data obtained from the studies included in the research were coded within the framework of these themes. As a result of the research, it has been concluded that the number of research on teacher empowerment has increased in recent years but there is not enough research, in the researches, psychological empowerment approach was adopted, mostly quantitative methods were adopted and consequently descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analyzes were used, most of the researches were carried out in Central Anatolia, Marmara and Aegean regions, in the studies, random sampling method was used and Psychological Empowerment Scale developed by Spreitzer (1995) was used as the measurement tool,and empowerment was mostly handled with organizational commitment variable. These results were discussed in the context of Turkey and recommendations for researchers were developed.

Teacher empowerment, psychological empowerment, structural empowerment, empowering leadership

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