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In the Tatar language participle represents verb-noun form indicating the action attributed to the person and to the subject as its internal attribute, quality, natural property. In the dialects of the Tatar language as well as in the literary language and in other Turkic languages, participle combines the features of a verb and an adjective. Participle associated with verbs in terms of the commonality of the bases, the semantics of processuality of the action. Participle has negative and voice forms and retains control feature of a verb and tense. As in the literary language, tenses of participle forms in the dialects of the Tatar language is specified by the time of the action, which is designated by personal form of the verb. At the same time for many participle forms of the dialects of the Tatar language tense is not prevalent. Tense pattern of semantics is weakened or even neutralized by various modal and other characteristics, which are the main content in these forms. Combined with some adverbial participle forms, participle may serve to express the character of the action, and with some auxiliary verb forms constitutes various circumlocutory structures. But unlike the various forms of the verb, participle has no category of mood. Although participle is not conjugated, it somehow relates to the person primarily by affixes of belonging and personal pronouns. On the basis of many participle bases indicative forms are formed, they are conjugated using personal affixes. Adjectival features of participle are manifested in the ability to express the meaning of dynamic or static feature of the object and in the ability to perform syntactic function of adjective. Being used instead of defined noun, participle denotes not only an attribute of action, but also denotes the acting person and acquires the features of a noun, i.e. categories of case, belonging and the number (singular/plural form).

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