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The purpose of this study is to reveal the qualifications problems in graduate education and to offer suggestions for the solution of these problems. In this context, the researchers have addressed following questions during the research: “1. What is the meaning of graduate education?”, 2. What factors affect the quality in graduate education?’’, and “3. What should be done in order to increase the quality in graduate education?”. This research has been conducted by phenomenological research design which is one of the qualitative research designs within the framework of qualitative research approach. The study group of this research has been determined using the maximum sampling technique which is one of the purposeful sampling methods. In this context, the study group consists of 8 faculty members who have different title and work at different field. The data has been collected by semi-structured interview technique. All collected data has been analyzed by descriptive analysis method. According to that, the faculty members put in order the qualification problems in graduate education followingly: 1. system-related problems, 2. faculty member-related problems, 3. student-related problems. The participants also have the following offers in order to increase the quality of graduate education: 1. teaching should be by qualified and selected faculty members, 2. material adequacy should be provided, 3. criteria in student selection should be revised, 4. Economic resources and equal opportunity should be provided, 5. Institutes should be an independent unit to eliminate administrative problems, 6. unlimited access to resources should be provided, and 7. quantitative increase rate of institutions should be slowed down. In the light of all these findings, the researchers have come to the conclusion that there should be more emphasis on the issue of qualification in graduate education in our country.

graduate education, quality, problem

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